Offensive Haiku Poetry

Author’s Note –

First of all I am not a serial killer. I know this because I have failed most of the psychological tests for detecting a psychopathic and/or sociopathic personality. Nor do I like little boys and/or girls living and/or dead sexually (or otherwise for that matter). Nor do I speak from real life experience when I write of fisting, extreme water sports, some of the torture scenes and bestiality and/or incest. No, I simply set out for myself the goal of writing the world’s most offensive haiku. Hopefully I will gravely offend you, thus being successful in my task. If you find any of the following Haikus funny, well then that’s your problem. Not mine. Please also note that the majority of the topics that I cover here are generally what you will find during the nightly local news broadcast, Nancy Grace, any of the CSI shows or basically any program on A&E narrated by Bill Curtis. I have simply rendered and then delivered the subject matter that they (and a great number of other media sources that I have not cited here) cover in Haiku form. And one final note, if this is Author’s Note is currently being read by my mother: Mom – Please DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER THAN THIS.

Thank you. Please enjoy.

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